Microspeedy Flat Mop System

Wednesday 13th March 2024

Revolutionising Efficiency in Your Cleaning with The Microspeedy Flat Mop Kit

Efficient Cleaning for High Traffic Environments

In bustling environments where cleanliness is paramount, time is of the essence. The Microspeedy kit offers unparalleled efficiency without compromising on effectiveness.

Fast, Effective, and Sustainable

Designed to tackle the challenges of high traffic areas, the Microspeedy kit uses 40cm microfiber flat mop heads that ensure swift cleaning and drying. With minimal water usage and no need for harsh chemicals, it's a sustainable solution that delivers exceptional results.

Innovative Design for Seamless Operation

The kit's plastic break-frame simplifies the process of fitting and removing mop heads, enhancing user experience and minimising downtime. Colour-coded flags on the mop heads further streamline operations, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Complete Cleaning Solution

Equipped with the 125cm colour-coded Hygiene handle and the wheeled 20L Speedy mop bucket, the Microspeedy kit offers a comprehensive cleaning solution. The bucket's built-in water divider enhances hygiene standards, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining cleanliness in any environment.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine

Say goodbye to wasted time and resources.

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