The Cleaning Show - What Happened?

Tuesday 16th November 2021

Summit Hygiene at The Cleaning Show Nov 2021

We were amazed but equally glad at the amount of interest in our new chemical free product ozoklenz along with other new sustainable hygiene innovations. 

A greener way to clean and sanitise must be possible and of course the ozoklenz cleaning solution brought to market is exactly that. Whilst reducing the need to use chemicals this product reduces single use plastics, reduces emissions from deliveries and above all if there are delivery issues this product produces the cleaning solution on site. 

What were some of the most commonly asked questions at the cleaning show?

How does this product work?

Quite simply it is plumbed in to mains water and plugged into a socket which allows you to turn the machine on. The unit uses existing technology to insert ozone into the water creating a highly effective cleaning and sanitising product called aqueous ozone.

How effective is aqueous ozone?

It can be used as a cleaner and a sanitiser. The product has been tested to EN standards including 14476 and passed. We have certification of it having passed the test on Coronavirus MHV A-59 the family of viruses of which a variant of this strain of viruses is Covid 19.
A special technology is also used called Nano-Bubble technology which is where the bubbles produced are far smaller than standard bubbles produced. This allows the product to penetrate into smaller cracks on the surface and provide a more effective clean.

How long does the product last?

After 4 hours the product will start returning to its natural state of water so we suggest that if the product is being used as a sanitiser as well as a cleaner, you pour away remaining contents after 4 hours and refill the bottle again. 

We welcome any feedback and any further questions to the team. Contact, visit or call 01494 793414 to speak with one of our ozoklenz consultants.

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