SYR Recycled Mop Bucket

Thursday 9th May 2024

Introducing the SYR Recycled Mop Bucket: Revolutionising Sustainability in Cleaning

Environmental Commitment

The SYR SWITCH range uses waste materials destined for landfill, recycled plastics, regrind plastics and thoughtful design to allow you to be kinder to the environment, without compromising your pocket or the quality of work completed.

One TC20-R Mopping System will reduce virgin plastic production by 92% over its expected lifetime, equivalent to saving 9kg of virgin plastic not being manufactured per unit.


TC20 mopping combo, made using a durable recycled plastic, complete with strong carry handle, sturdy legs, 7.5cm castors and colour-coded handle and wringer. Additionally, the color-coded handles and wringers helps prevent cross-contamination between different areas.

Customisable Print

Brand your Mop Bucket with your organisation's logo! Upon ordering your product, you can request your logo to be added. Get in touch with if this is of interest.

Closed-Loop Recycling Process

But the SYR Recycled Mop Bucket isn't just about sustainability in its production; it's about sustainability throughout its entire lifecycle.
When your SYR Mop Bucket and polypropylene plastics have come to the end of it's life, please return them! SYR will repurpose them into new SYR Switch products! This process ensures that every bucket contributes to a circular economy, minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency.

How It Works:

1. Delivery of Old Product: Customers send back their old discarded polypropylene products to SYR, saving them from ending up in landfills.
2. Disassembly: Once back to SYR, their recycling facility take the products apart, removing any metal components for separate recycling.
3. Palletisation: The remaining plastic is cut down to size and put into a specialist recycling machine, where it is ground down into small pellets.
4. Injection Moulding: The pellets are then melted down and shaped into the desired components using advanced injection moulding techniques.
5. Assembly: Once the plastic components are moulded, the castors, handles, and wringers are fitted to create the final product.
6. Delivery of New Product: The new products, made from recycled materials, are packaged and ready for shipment, closing the loop on a sustainable manufacturing process.

SYR's innovative approach to sustainability sets a new standard in the cleaning industry, proving that eco-conscious practices can go hand in hand with quality and functionality. With the SYR Recycled Mop Bucket, every swipe is a step towards a greener future.

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