Washroom Dispensers - Looking To Upgrade?

Friday 1st July 2022

Summit Hygiene Washroom Dispensers

The Summit Hygiene procurement team has built an outstanding relationship with a leading manufacturer of washroom products based in the UK. This gives our clients the exclusive opportunity to work with one of the most reliable dispenser ranges Summit Hygiene has to offer.


As ever the passion for sustainability has majorly influenced the decision to partner with Northwood Hygiene. Products are manufactured in the UK which not only reduces carbon emissions from shipping, it also is reliable and gives a certain confidence in supply.

The paper is manufactured from office waste paper in London providing an alternative to the paper ending up in land fill. This does not affect the quality of the paper as it is widely endorsed as a premium range. Furthermore, the paper is designed to break down in water quickly and has saved many facilities hundreds to thousands of pounds from call out charges.


There are 6 dispensers included in the range. One dispenser for both soap & sanitiser refills. Two toilet roll dispensers - a high capacity 4 roll dispenser, and a smaller more compact 2 roll dispenser. Lastly there is a manual towel roll dispenser as well as an automatic towel roll dispenser, and also a smaller more compact folded hand towel dispenser. The hand towel dispensers all reduce waste by dispensing one sheet at a time.


As our highest selling product range we can safely say this product has the thumbs up from thousands of facilities in the UK. The paper is tightly wound to give a high number of sheets per roll (625) and all dispensers utilise the same key. Both these points provide efficiencies, as cleaners do not have to refill so often and also dont need to worry about lost keys. Dispensers are made from a strong material similar to that of a police riot shield! We suggest you 'Try Before You Buy' and book your FOC trial below:

Email sales@summithygiene.com and request a trial of washroom dispensers and one of the external account managers will be in touch.

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