ZERO Dispenser System

Wednesday 19th June 2024

Revolutionising Hygiene with Zero Waste

Introducing the Zero soap and sanitiser dispenser system. Unlike traditional dispensers, Zero uses a 100% recyclable aluminium refill, delivering the optimal amount of product every time with zero waste. This pressurised system ensures no leaks and no leftover product, and when empty, the refill can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality.

Why Zero?

Traditional soap dispensers typically employ a 'box and bag' system, consisting of a plastic pump dispenser and a liquid soap bag. These systems are not only wasteful but also prone to leaks, and the refill bags have a dismal recycling rate of only 30%. Zero tackles these issues head-on with its pressurised, no-touch system, ensuring metered dosing and providing the right amount of product with each use. The Zero refills prevent leaks and wastage, and are 100% recyclable.

Key Features

  • One dispenser fits all Zero products.
  • Easy product identification.
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable refills.
  • Precision Dosing: More shots per refill with accurate metering.
  • Space-Saving Design: Compact and easy to store.

Zero vs Traditional Touchless Dispensers

In a world increasingly focused on infection control and hygiene, the Zero Soap and Sanitiser System stands out as a key eco-friendly system. Traditional touchless dispensers fall short in comparison, often contributing to plastic waste that pollutes our oceans. Zero’s aluminium refills are fully recyclable. The no-touch system and precise dosing reduce the risk of contamination and waste.

Advanced Features of Zero Soap Dispensers

Zero’s pressurised, no-touch dispenser system is designed for optimal performance and sustainability:

  • Dispenser Finishes: Available in sleek chrome or white.
  • Mounting Options: Wall-mounted, desk-mounted, or free-standing.
  • Custom Branding: Personalise with your logos.
  • Refill Options: Includes hand soap, mousse, and hand gel.

The aluminium cartridge delivers the perfect amount of product every time, ensuring no waste. The durable plastic dispenser, with its no-touch infrared sensor, provides ultra-hygienic operation and is easy to clean. 

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