Tork Vision Cleaning

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Tork Vision Cleaning Revolutionises Facility Management with Data-Driven Innovation

In a groundbreaking move towards a cleaner and more efficient future, Tork Vision Cleaning has unveiled a cutting-edge solution that uses real-time data to revolutionise facility management. This innovative approach not only enhances cleaning quality but also supports better hygiene by optimising efficiency and resources.

Meeting the Challenges of Cleaning Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Facility managers across various segments, including offices, healthcare, and industry, face challenges in maintaining high cleaning standards, maximising efficiency, and promoting sustainability. Tork Vision Cleaning addresses these issues by offering a solution that allows managers to save up to 20% of cleaning hours and proactively respond to cleaning and dispenser refill needs before receiving complaints.

Empowering Facility Managers to Work Smarter

Tork Vision Cleaning leverages real-time data to help facility managers work smarter and meet evolving hygiene standards. By using features such as real-time traffic analytics and visitor heatmaps, managers can identify hotspots and trends, allowing for more strategic resource allocation. Digital cleaning plans provide clear instructions with up-to-date information for cleaners, ensuring they can quickly identify and address urgent tasks, preventing complaints.

How Tork Vision Cleaning Works

1. People Counters and Connected Dispensers:
   - Sensors measure visitor traffic and refill levels.
   - A gateway collects the data and communicates with the cloud.

2. The Cloud:
   - Data from the gateway is securely collected in the cloud powered by Microsoft Azure.
   - Ensures security, reliability, and scalability of the data.

3. Tork Vision Cleaning:
   - Real-time information is easily accessed on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.
   - Enables quick, data-based decision-making for facility managers.

The World's Leading Facility Management Solution

Tork Vision Cleaning stands out as the world's leading facility management solution for data-driven cleaning. It empowers cleaning teams with innovative and smarter ways of working, helping facility managers maximise efficiency and resources to meet and exceed hygiene standards.

Comprehensive Offerings for Success

The Tork Vision Cleaning offer includes everything needed to integrate data-driven cleaning into operations. The Onboarding and Success Programme supports users from setup to implementation, providing ongoing support to ensure businesses achieve their objectives.

In a world where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, Tork Vision Cleaning paves the way for a future where facilities are not only cleaner but also managed with unprecedented efficiency and foresight. Embrace the future of cleaning with Tork Vision Cleaning - where every moment counts towards a higher standard of cleanliness.

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