Waste Reducing Dispensers

Thursday 9th March 2023

Waste Reduction

One of our 3 pillars to hygiene excellence is waste reduction. Wherever possible we are looking at new products to support with waste reduction.

As costs continue to rise the latest range from Lucart provides significant cost savings through single sheet dispensing.

Toilet Tissue

Thanks to automatic cutting, the dispenser only dispenses one sheet at a time to decrease paper usage, with a certified 45%* reduction 

Thanks to the new internal mechanism, the roll is used up to the last sheet, with estimated savings of up to 18m of paper for each roll.

The single-sheet dispensing system ensures the customer only comes into contact with the sheet required, thus protecting the rest of the roll from potential contamination.


There are two options of paper refills. The standard white or the Econatural alternative. This paper is made from recycled beverage cartons and has not been bleached by any chemicals.

This provides a great all round sustainability story for your facility and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

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