Hand Hygiene - Choosing the Right Dispensers

Thursday 3rd August 2023

Hand Hygiene - Choosing the Right Dispensers

Why is it important to pick the right dispenser for your facility?

There are such a wide variety of choices on the market that it can often be difficult to choose the right dispenser for your facility. Choosing the right dispenser is imperative for efficiencies and good hygiene practices . For example if the building has a high footfall, you want a longer lasting dispenser. If you are in a food manufacturing environment, you very much want to be choosing automatic cartridge based systems.

Automatic Cartridge Dispensers - Why should I choose this option?

The fact the dispenser is automatic firstly means that you aren't touching any part of the dispenser. The manual dispensers will have a build up of germs around the push button which could be passed on. Also touchless soap dispensers help businesses to control their costs and minimise unnecessary wastage. There is a pre set volume dispensed every time and a complete usage system.

The cartridge that goes into the dispenser is sealed where as the bulk fill isn't. Research shows that 1 in 4 bulk fill soap dispensers are contaminated with unsafe levels of bacteria, leaving hands with up to 25 times more germs after washing than before.

The cartridge also has its own nozzle. A bulk fill system uses the same one over and over again which become clogged and can be very unhygienic. Lastly - its just messy. You have to manually fill each bulk fill dispenser up from a 5ltr bottle. With the risk of spillages, the manual labour it takes, and the potential to be very unhygienic, we would definatley recommend a cartridge based system.

When it comes to soap dispensers, many clients we work with understandably did not realise how unhygienic bulk fill dispensers could be. If you regularly use a bulk soap dispenser in a public or workplace washroom when washing your hands, you are probably thinking you are eliminating germs, however, you may actually be increasing your risk of exposure to germs and infections.

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